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Was the McCormick name associated with Clan Maclaine. My mother's name was McCormick. I think I communicated with you in the pre-internet days. Did you have a period of dormancy? Is McCormick a variation on MacCormick?


The McCormick name is certainly associated with Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie.

The MacCormicks are the second sept of the Clan and were considered the captains of the Clan’s fighting men.

The MacCormick roots are in Ireland (Antrim and Ulster) but they first officially came to Mull, and Lochbuie in particular, in 1540. Thereafter they were followed by their Irish kinsmen and made Lochbuie their home. I suspect that prior to 1540 other MacCormicks had also travelled to Mull, either to visit or settle, as St Columba had been accompanied by a MacCormick to Iona in the 560’s AD... a St. Cormick.

The spelling of your surname has evolved into many variations over the centuries... But McCormick, MacCormick, Cormick, Cormack all have the same root.

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