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c.1400 -- Lochbuie Mausoleum

The Lochbuie mausoleum (Caibael Mheamhair—“chapel of remembrance”) chapel and graveyard is situated about 1.5km from Maoidh Castle.  The main part of the building is of a late medieval time and its upkeep is maintained by the Lochbuie Clan chief.

Tombs of note within the Chapel are those of

Murdoch: 10th Lochbuie—d.1662

Hector: 12th Lochbuie—d.1701

Margaret, (n. Campbel of Calder) wife of Hector. d.1717

Murdoch: 13th Lochbuie—d.1729

Murdoch: 20th Lochbuie—d.1844.

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